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At Streams of Grace, we realize that sometimes volume and ‘busy sounds’ can make it hard for people to attend or enjoy a worship service. We strive to remove those distractions and difficulties to create a sensory-friendly experience so the entire family can participate. That’s why we keep our songs simple and our volumes lower. We embrace modern pop worship, we embrace old hymns, we embrace children’s songs for all ages, but we interpret them in a way that is a little bit softer and calmer but every bit joyous and full of praise! Here’s a little taste of our style with a Streams of Grace original.


The story behind the song. “Grace.”

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I was praying about what music to select for our Sunday worship service as we continued our study on the book of Galatians. And God spoke to me, very clearly, right into the soft spot of my soul. He said, “I want you to write a song for Sunday.”

I gasped a little. No, no. I couldn’t write a song. It’s been 15 years since I even tried to write a song. There wasn’t time to write a song. I wasn’t ready to write a song. And I certainly couldn’t compete with the likes of Christ Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, or Matt Maher. Why even try to write some new song when they had such great music already available?

Because God said so.

And I couldn’t rest until I had written this song. I wasn’t even sure if it was a good song, so I promised the congregation they wouldn’t ever have to sing it again if they didn’t want to, but I needed to do what God asked me to do. Write and sing this song. This song called “Grace.” The kind people of Streams agreed to sing it again though, and so we did! And you know what? You should go ahead and write that song too. Or do that dance. Or write that book. Or teach that Sunday School class or feed that hungry soul. Don’t stop to worry about it, just jump in and do that thing that God has asked you to do. Because no one – not even Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, or Matt Maher can do it just like you.

If you like the song and you want to use it, go ahead! There’s a link to the sheet music below. Just stick to copyright laws and we would love to hear just how you used it and about what God has asked you to do in your life and ministry.

Grace (1)

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Gabe singing “Jesus Loves Me”


Message for this week: 3/12/17

Pastor Amanda's lesson today – listen closely! Hopefully this video will inspire you for this week's challenge: be alone and quiet, no distractions, for 15 minutes. Listen to God in that silence. Are you listening?

Posted by Streams of Grace on Sunday, March 12, 2017