What to Expect

It’s our mission that everyone feels included and important here at Streams of Grace, but we know that getting to church can be tough, and checking out a new or different church can be a little scary or intimidating. So here’s what you can expect.

Come on in and find a comfy spot

Pull up a chair or a spot on the floor. We’ll have some activities and fidgets available for use before and during the service so your children can color, or wiggle, or play on  the floor. We don’t have nursery or Sunday School, because we want families to stick together, but we’ll do whatever we can to help you have uplifting and worshipful experience together. If you’re looking for a service that involves silence and stillness, this probably isn’t it! We’ll make a joyful noise worshipping God with all different kinds of songs, talk about real world issues in short, easy to understand segments, and grow closer to Jesus, together.  If you need some extra help coming and going, or have special needs that we can accommodate so you can worship, please contact us! Most of all, we want you to feel welcome, unjudged, and at home. You are welcome here!

Come as you are

You don’t have to wear fancy clothes, but you can if you want. You don’t have to have it all together – we love you just as you are. You don’t have to know the right answers – together, we’ll get to know Jesus better. You don’t have to be perfect – because we aren’t either. We all need grace and we’ll learn how to give it to each other, too.

Worship with us

We offer the elements of worship you might find in a church service – prayer, singing, Scripture, and some preaching, but with a bit of a twist to make them more accessible. Our space is handicap accessible via a ramp to the left of the main stairwell (you’ll find it labeled, the Beurhle center).

We have a soft start to every service. That means we start off with refreshments, a little coffee or cocoa, a healthy snack or something sweet. And we gather around round tables so we can chat or play for a bit. We keep the lighting soft because bright lights can be a little overstimulating at times. We work hard to engage our children in the worship service, but there is plenty of space for them to sprawl on the floor, play games, or color or enjoy the fidgets on the tables. It’s ok when messes happen, or interuptions happen, or when noiseshappen. It just means that people are gathered together and enjoying time together, we just laugh and smile, and our Director of Creative Play, Jen, may swoop in with a paper towel or a brand new snack, and we pick right back up where we left off. After some chatting, our worship leaders lead us in singing a couple of acoustic songs. Our music isn’t very loud, but it is uplifting and we hope everyone joins in no matter their musical ability!

We take turns reading the Scripture for the day, and we choose translations that are easy to understand, such as the NLT or the Message. And then we share our praises and prayers. Anyone who likes gets a chance to share what’s on their heart and we love to pray for each and every one who has a need. We take extra time when someone is sick or hurting, because we want everyone to know that God cares when they are hurting.

We sing another low key song to help us be relaxed while we listen to the message. We feel strongly that our messages need to be short and practical! And while each of our preachers, Amanda, Scott, and Judi,  have a different style, we all focus on keeping our messages positive and encouraging to help you grow closer to Jesus and live out your faith in a difficult time. We typically split our messages up into 2 sections because we understand how hard it is to listen for a long time. So in the middle of the sermon, we’ve been known to have a stretch or coffee break, play a quick game, enjoy an object lesson, or have volunteers act out a few lines of our Scripture passage. Just because it’s church doesn’t mean it’s boring.

The first Sunday of the month, we’ll celebrate Communion, talk about what it means, and share it with everyone who is there. Then we share a few announcements, pass the offering box to anyone who wants to give, sing an uplifting closing song, and send you on your way. That is, of course, unless you want to stick around a few and chat or play some more.

Grow with us

To some, our church doesn’t look like church, and to some, it might seem a bit rowdy or casual. And that’s ok because we know that God is with us as we gather together in His name. We’re still learning how to make our time together effective, fun, and most of all, how to help all of us, big and small, grow closer to Jesus and become a great big family. We welcome you to come, be refreshed in a service without judgment, to leave uplifted, and help us serve you as you grow in Christ.