Who we are

We are a church of real people with real families. We give grace. We show love. We grow closer to Jesus.

Our passion is to walk alongside of you as we create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that is comfortable and safe for your family, so your kids can be kids and you can be refreshed and renewed.  Let us introduce you to our church staff family.

Amanda Furbeck, pastor

Rev. Amanda Furbeck, Lead Pastor 

Amanda is a toddler-chasing, coffee drinking, fashion boot- wearing, Fit-bit addicted, Jesus-loving, chicken-hugging, goat-milking, wife and mom to 6 small children. She spends her free time absorbed in fashion and tattoos, watching Pirates of the Caribbean, recording church videos, attempting clean eating, all while spreading autism awareness, encouraging adoption and foster care, championing the underdog, and of course, juicing.
Amanda holds a Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, a Bachelor of Arts in Church Music from Eastern University, and a cosmetology license from Metro Beauty Academy. She is a certified Parent Mentor and writer with Snappin’ Ministries and the Director of inclusiveministry.com . Her favorite places to be are the local zoo, the church piano bench, deep in a good book, outside on the farm, and anywhere her family is. Amanda is working towards a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling. You catch up with Amanda at pastor@streamsofgrace.org.

 Jen Maston, Director of Creative Play

This is Jen. Jen is our Director of Creative Play, our Hospitality Hero, and all around awesome helper. If there’s a need, Jen will fill it. She single handedly cooks for large crowds, counts money with finesse, prays, hugs, and encourages everyone in arms reach. She’s got loads of experience in music, worship, crafting, cooking, and you-guessed-it, motherhood. Awesome Mom and wife to Scott, you don’t want to miss her OR her snacks. Make sure you check out Jen’s encouraging writings about her work over at inclusiveministry.com!  You can reach Jen at jen@streamsofgrace.org.

Scott Maston

Scott Maston isn’t just Jen’s husband and a great dad, he does it all at Streams of Grace. Running sound, setting up services, bridging gaps, reading Bible commentaries, handing out hugs and folding bulletins, Scott does some of his best work when he’s preaching the Gospel and challenging us to engage in our Bibles and prayer lives. You can always find a friendly ear when you email scott@streamsofgrace.org.

Rev. Judi E. Piro-Conner, Pastor of Community Care

Judi has embraced different careers in life’s journey.

She started as an Emergency Room and Trauma Flight Nurse, holding a BSN in nursing. This was the first 20 years for Judi. Then, after an injury, she began Paralegal Studies with minors in Social Work and Journalism.

Her journey provided her the experience of working for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims. She was lead case worker for a shelter and advanced in Paralegal Advocacy for sexual assault victims and helped in the development of Megans Law.

Afer cancer struck many Judi loved and she experienced a family member’s amazing reconnection with our Creator with the help of a Hospice Chaplain, she changed her path yet again. She decided to obtain her degrees in Community Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling Ministries and Theological Studies. She wanted to be able to reach people from many cultures and faiths, especially in their final moments on earth. Judi was ordained by Universal Life Church and her Masters of Divinity is with Liberty University.  Universal Life Church has a non-denominational and non-traditional church doctrine. Having studied many different doctrines of faith, this brings the opportunity for Judi to embrace the spiritual needs of a large part of the community.

One avenue that has been consistent in Judi’s life is that she has a mega love for animals and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She loves to train dogs for Wounded Warriors.

Judi is the proud mother of three children and one step-son. Her oldest son is a United States Marine. She loves God, and all His beautiful creations. Butterflies, dragonflies, wolves, and reading are some of Judi’s passions. If you’re not sure how to find her, look for someone who always has a coffee cup in her hand and possibly a dog at her side. You are invited to get in touch with Judi, especially if you need a visit at home or at the hospital, at judi@streamsofgrace.org or 484-408-2558.