Upcoming Events!

June 3 Happy Birthday Streams of Grace! We’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary with a church party during our normal worship service. Please come celebrate with us and play games, eat snacks, and thank God for all that He has done. Please RSVP if possible to pastor@streamsofgrace.org.

June 17th First Annual Service Sunday We won’t be holding our regular Sunday afternoon service on Father’s Day. Instead, we’ll be celebrating our father’s by showing service to others. Sometime during Father’s Day weekend, please take that time you would normally spend in church to do a service project as a family.  Perhaps you could mow a neighbor’s yard, pick up trash from the soccer field, or volunteer to help at a food pantry or soup kitchen. Then drop us a line to let us know how God moved you to serve someone else!

September 9th Celebration Sunday

Navigating life can be, well, complicated. At Streams of Grace, we’re learning to navigate this life together as we grow closer to Jesus and encourage each other. Please join us Sunday at 2:30 PM in the Henry Auditorium at the Lutheran Home in Topton, Pa.


Are you looking for a church that accepts you and your family just as you are, embraces the things that make you unique, and helps you get to know Jesus?



How would you like to experience a worship service where your kids are free to wiggle, dance, skip, color, sing, clap their hands, or sprawl on the floor when they need a little break and you feel refreshed and uplifted? 

We are Streams of Grace Church. 


Because I’m a mom first, and a pastor second. And I’ve got a gaggle of really awesome kids that keep my
heart – and my weekly schedule – amazingly full. I love
spending time at church because it helps me get connected to God and to friends, and it helps me feel refreshed and uplifted so I can face another busy week. But what I really want is to worship in a setting where my kids are just as welcome to participate in the worship service, where they can relax and be a kid and get to know God and make a few friends, too. I’m looking for that church that embraces the things that make us unique, isn’t afraid to accept us just as we are, and helps us get to know Jesus.


Does that sound like the kind of church that would meet your needs?  We would love to have you join us. And I am really excited to help others worship where they are accepted, valued, and loved. If you would like some more information, want to come see for yourself, or really just have a prayer request that our team can be praying for, please drop me a line! I would love to hear from you.